D2 im Pokal ausgeschieden gegen SV Mölkau I

SV Mölkau 04 I vs. Leipziger SC 1901 II 5:1

Thanks for the match report written by Andrew Niven - especially for all our english speaking parents and fans!

On Sunday, 17th of September the LSC D2 team came face to face with the D1 from Mölkau 04 in a cup game that would prove time be more interesting than the final score.

M04 fielded a team that was mostly older and bigger than ours, but true to the spirit of LSC, our team would not lay down.  With some nice early ball control, they were able to create many early chances.  With the LSC Captain, Len Vorweg, starting the game strong and leading both with his skill on ball and also with his motivational words, they pushed the M04 defense early and created some good chances. 

LSC striker Amadeus Engel found an early shot checked by the goalie but created many more through playing a nice pressing game supported by Edi Golz and Albert Goetze on the wings. The goal seemed to be a little too small for the LSC team as the balls were flying past the posts, sometimes close enough to remove the paint.

Although the pressing game tested the M04 defense, having the team focused on attack found some slow to switch back to defensive mode. Unfortunately one of these mistakes led to an own goal being scored, 1-0 for M04.  Before our team could regroup, the M04 pushed their advantage and a quick second goal soon followed.

Motivated by their goals, the M04 went on full out attack and only a ragged defense and some amazing work from Otto Fingerle saved the 3 falling quickly.  After a quick substitution LSC found some more speed, but struggled to find their form on the field.  Len let the team know that he was unimpressed and wanted more from them.  He got what he wanted with the game swinging towards LSC towards the end of the first half.

At the start of the second half, LSC seemed to lose coercion, which saw “Super Otto” proving his worth by stopping both a clear chance and rescuing an amazing corner.  Once again, confusion and miscommunication in the defense would be LSCs downfall and led to M04 scoring once again.  

With some of the calls not going their way and with M04 having more luck with the ref, frustration was setting in. A play that hinted at foul brought many LSC players out of position and creating the chance for the fourth M04 goal to fall.

M04, growing in confidence, attacked the LSC goal more often. However, being slow to switch from attack to defense proved not only a problem for LSC.  Otto found the M04 on attack en mass but proved he was up to it collecting the ball and reading quickly that Henry Niven had slipped into striker position running freely into space. The M04 defense had to watch a perfectly delivered ball fly over their heads and land on the foot of the free player. Using speed to cover the rest of the distance, Henry’s favorite foot guided the ball into the back of the net.

With the LSC team lifting their heads, they controlled most of the rest of the game. They created pressure and chances with Henry, Amadeus, Velten Bringmann and Eliah Milies all having shots on goal.  Again a mistake in defense and a long ball slipped passed the last line leading to the fifth from M04. 

This would have led most teams to being demotivated and simply stop trying. LSC proved that they have spirit and through aggressive pressing created many chances with Emilias Woellner coming painstakingly close with two shots from in front of the goal.

Although the game would end 5-1 (oder 5-2 ?), there was much to be proud of in the LSC team. The form and the football that they play is leading to opportunities and we can only wait for these opportunities to turn into goals and wins for our team.

Heute sahen wir die 2006er Jungs der D2 über weite Teile des Spiels feldbestimmend gegen den 05er Jahrgang des SV Mölkau. Wir traten mit Handlungsschnelligkeit und Agrressivität in den Zweikämpfen auf, so wie wir uns das vorgenommen hatten. Leider konnten wir doch noch zu viele Kontersituationen nicht vermeiden und fingen uns so einige unnötige Gegentore zuviel ein. Weitere Top-Chancen des Gegeners konnte Otto erneut eindrucksvoll vereiteln. Im Spiel nach vorn entwickelten wir noch zu wenig zwingende Chancen. Dennoch wäre das ein oder andere Tor mehr für den LSC sicher verdient gewesen.

Insgesamt zeigten die Jungs des Leipziger SC das bessere Kombinationsspiel und den besseren Spielaufbau. Das Ergebnis spiegelte daher nicht so ganz den Spielverlauf wider - mit der Leistung der Jungs können wir für heute gut zufrieden sein!